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GBBO hunky male nanny sends Channel 4 viewers wild as they obsess over his 'hotness'

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Great British Bake Off star Sandro sends fans wild as they "fall in love" with him after nine minutes.The hunky male nanny shocked fans with his sweet occupation and gym bunny nature.Many viewers claimed they fell "in love" with him within ten minutes of the first episode airing.Channel 4 viewers stormed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the baker, with one writing: "Sandro on #GBBO Gym bunny, male nanny and makes cakes!

Kill me now."A second added: "Sandro though #GBBO."While a third penned: "Sandro is clearly here to fill the Chigs-shaped gap in my Bake-Off #GBBO.""So we’re all in love with Sandro now, yes? #GBBO," shared a fourth.

A fifth put: "Can’t wait for Sandro’s transition to Gay Times cover model and OnlyFans thot. #GBBO." "It’s only been on 10 minutes but HI SANDRO #GBBO," posted a sixth.Another tweeted: "Already obsessed with Sandro and its been 9 minutes #GBBO."One viewer said: "Sandro the most tasty thing on bake off sod the bakes...current conversation in our house lol #GBBO"However, one fan also ranted: "went from being impressed by Sandro, to irritated by his overconfidence about making red velvet cakes.

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