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Fisherman stunned after spotting ‘big cat nearly one metre long’ roaming field

cat” roaming a field across from the lake he was at.Paul Johnson was fishing with his friend in Haresfield, Gloucestershire, last Sunday (May 2) when he noticed a mysterious dark shape in a field 300 yards away.He whipped out his camera and recorded what seemed to be an ordinary black cat.The short clip showed the four-legged feline slowly strolling across a hedgerow.But, while the animal seemed nothing more than a domestic cat, Paul claimed it was actually up to a meter long and half a meter tall. “The picture which I took does not really do it justice, but when I first saw it, I thought ‘wow that is a big cat’,” he told GloucestershireLive. “I work building fences and that, so going by the picture I can make an estimate of it’s size.

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