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Family hide toy penis on Xmas tree in X-rated tradition to see if anyone notices

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family tradition during the Christmas period. Whether it's a certain game you play or some food being served up, it's what makes every household unique.

Now one man has revealed his family's X-rated tradition as his wife's relatives prank each other on a yearly basis.Posting on Reddit, he wrote: "My wife's family have a tradition of hanging/hiding a toy penis on someone's tree."If you notice it on yours then you'll have to sneak it onto someone else's tree."Sounds fun right?But the anonymous man then revealed the culprit had gone missing last year and no one knows where it went.

He added: "My SIL's [sister-in-law's] boyfriend bought a 3D printer, and my wife just found this specimen in our tree."And in the photo it shows a dinosaur with a.

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