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Evri couriers claim that they are 'treated like slaves' and 'get paid 60p per parcel' by delivery firm

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A number of Evri couriers have come forward claiming that they are treated like slaves and get paid '60p per parcel' by the delivery firm.

Workers for the delivery giant have opened the lid on the work environment at the organisation. One employee, who works in Manchester, has revealed a tale of low pay, harsh working conditions and poor morale among his colleagues.

Recently at a depot in south Manchester, tensions became so bad that some drivers were involved in a stand-off with bosses.They said they “grafted hard” over Christmas to help clear a huge backlog, but when changes to their routes were implemented, it tipped them over the edge.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Craig, which isn’t his real name, claims drivers are being forced to work harder and more hours for less pay and are in danger of having their rounds cut.However, Evri denied these claims, insisting all their couriers earn in excess of the minimum wage, which includes time for collection and re-delivery.

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