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Eurovision host Mika's life - real name, hostage horror and accident that impaled sister

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Eurovision Song Contest host.With the release of his career-making single Grace Kelly back in 2007, Mika launched himself into the musical stratosphere, going on to release tracks like Lollipop, Happy Ending and Big Girl.He’s since collaborated with pop icons such as Ariana Grande.As he prepares to make his Eurovision presenting debut, Daily Star takes a look into his life away from the spotlight - from the horror accident which saw his sister impaled on a fence after falling from a window to his real name.And it’s certainly been a wild ride so far.Of course, Mika is merely a moniker - the falsetto-voiced star actually has a rather more conventional birth name.Mika was originally born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983 and has four siblings, with his mum being originally born in the USA and his father originally hailing from Israel.And his legal name is Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr – a name he took in part for his fifth studio album, My Name is Michael Holbrook.The nickname "Mica" was originally given to him by his mum, though he later replaced the C with a K.Speaking to HuffPost about his fifth album, the artist revealed: “It was written as medicine.“I needed to re-find that young guy who was writing songs in his apartment at 17 or 18.

I felt this urgent sense, this need to reconnect with the elation and joy of making music after a good three years of having lost that sensation.“At a certain point, you’re like, ‘Well, who am I, really?’ So I kind of used my legal name in order to write about myself with more freedom.”Mika’s sexuality was the talk of the media when he became famous, and he originally admitted he considers himself “label-less” in a 2010 interview.He explained at the time: “I consider myself label-less because I.

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