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Elon Musk reveals 'breakthrough needed for humanity to become multi-planet species'

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Elon Musk has sprinkled some of his unique wisdom into the world of interplanetary exploration.The Tesla owner and founder of space travel company, Space X tweeted his thoughts on how we — the inhabitants of planet Earth — can become leaders in travelling to other plants.Ironically, a Twitter account called Musk University — which shares “inspirational” quotes from Musk — tweeted Musk's previous words on the issue. READ MORE: Influencer who risks jail with OnlyFans page turned to racy content to pay huge debt The quote states: “It is hard to overstate criticality of reusable rockets.

No less important than reusable aircraft, cars or bicycles.“Essential for humanity to become a multi planet species and backup the biosphere.” And modern-day Musk expanded: “Fully reusable orbital rockets are the fundamental breakthrough needed for humanity to become a multi planet species.” And it sparked a conversation online.

Many Musk fans appeared to take the idea onboard and were open to it. One user wrote: “It never crossed my mind to think about how much this, coupled with probably an extensive yet theoretically 'doable' list of factors, play a huge role in the feat itself and the science/industry that comes behind it.” And another tweeted: “True.

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