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Drivers warned against risking fines for keeping gloves, hats or scrapers in cars

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When you get into your car in the morning, it's likely you'll be wearing cosy items such as a hat or scarf to protect yourself against the icy temperatures.And when your car has sufficiently warmed up, you might think nothing of throwing them on to the dashboard before setting off.But as well as the actual snow or ice on the windscreen that can obstruct your view, the same goes for anything that's lying on the dashboard.

If you're caught, you could be deemed to be driving dangerously - and could be hit with a fine. The Liverpool Echo reports that by not putting away these items properly, you could face fines of up to £2,500.

It's worth taking a couple of minutes to safely store them so they aren't blocking your view, and to minimise the risk of them falling and obstructing the gear stick or pedals.

This is according to a recent study by Comparethemarket, and although there's no law that specifically states this is illegal, the Highway Code states that your view must be free of obstructions.If it's not, drivers could be fined up to £2,500, face three penalty points or even lose their licence altogether if caught driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition in relation to visibility.

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