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Dog owner left with massive vet bill after puppy suffered broken legs in horror fall

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A Stirling student has launched an appeal to help pay for life-saving emergency surgery after his “best friend” pet dog plummeted from a second-storey window.Alfie Harrison, a third-year aquaculture student at the university, took 11-month Italian greyhound/whippet crossbreed puppy Noodle on a trip to see his brother in Cornwall earlier this month before disaster struck.The 24-year-old was outside the flat in Falmouth, when devoted Noodle spotted him and tried to get to him - leaping from a window two floors up.

Alfie watched in horror as he fell and landed shattering bones in both of his forelegs.Thanks to the help and quick thinking of neighbours, as well as Alfie and his brother, they were able to use splints to support his legs before rushing Noodle to the animal hospital for emergency surgery where metal plates were inserted into both.Noodle is now recovering back at home in Stirling, but Alfie is now facing medical bills of more than £8,000 because insurance doesn’t cover the accident.He has already taken out loans with his family and sold possessions including a pair of guitars and his Playstation - but has now launched an online fundraiser in an effort to try and secure some support.Click here for more news and sport from the Stirling area.Alfie - who describes Noodle as his therapy dog - told the Observer: “Noodle just means the world to me and I can’t put into words the therapy he provides to me on a daily basis.“I’ve been nursing him ever since the accident and just giving him the antibiotics, but the bills have continued to jump and all of my savings have already gone into this but we couldn’t let him go because he means so much to all of us.“He is just my best friend and is just fantastic at lifting me up

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