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Director Sophia Nahli Allison Paints Portrait Of Real Latasha Harlins In Oscar-Nominated ‘A Love Song For Latasha’

The name Latasha Harlins, Esq. might be etched on a law firm window today if tragedy had not ended the life, and the dreams, of one African-American girl in South Central Los Angeles years ago.In March 1991, 15-year-old Harlins, a straight-A student at Westchester High School, entered a corner store to buy orange juice for her family.

Soon Ja Du, the store owner, falsely accused her of trying to steal the drink, and after a struggle, as Harlins’ back was turned, Du shot her in the back of the head with a pistol.

The $2 to pay for the orange juice was gripped in Harlins’ hand.Today, the shocking incident and the lenient sentence given to Du for voluntary manslaughter is remembered as one of the triggers of the 1992 L.A.

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