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Curvy woman with hip dips turns off filter to show unedited body in candid video

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Body positivty influencer Nelly London has exposed the false reality on social media as she revealed her "real body" in a candid video.The Brighton-based lingerie model, who proudly calls herself "that girl with hip dips" on her Instagram bio, has been encouraging people to be proud of who they are as she showed off her stretch marks, cellulites and scars.Nelly posted a video last week to say her fans that what they saw online "was all illusions".READ MORE: Gym coach tells women 'stop trying to get rid of hip dips' as they're 'normal'She dresses up in a cornflower blue bra and a matching lace thong while putting her hands on her waist."Even the girls in the videos...

don't look like the girls in the videos," Nelly said.She switches off the "slimming filter" and shows a subtle change around her waist.Some fans were shocked and said Nelly's post has been "eye-opening".One wrote: "The scary thing is: I'm following you quite a while now and I think I know your body and how you look."But I totally thought this was real.

I thought it's just angle and sucking in and all."I didn't even think about a filter. Thank you for opening my eyes with this.

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