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Corrie legend Bill Roache used secret mental powers to get his stolen car returned

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Coronation Street favourite unleashed the power of his mind to get it back - and boasted it was in better condition than when it was nicked.Bill - Corrie’s Ken Barlow for more than 60 years - said the universe stepped in to help him after he put himself in a good mood and forgave the thieves.He claimed: “With love and forgiveness, things do get easier, even when life throws you an unexpected challenge.“I got in my Volvo once and drove to a shop just around the corner from my home.“I jumped out and nipped in to pick up an item, and when I came out, my car had gone.“As I was so close to the shop, I’d left the keys in it – and of course, if you’ve left your keys in your car, your insurance doesn’t apply.“When I’d got over the shock and was in a better frame of mind, I thought, ‘The person who’s stolen the car is not living a good life, so I wish them well and hope they will learn from this experience and will sort themselves out’.”To mark his 90th birthday, Bill has released a new special edition of his self-help guide Life and Soul.And inside he has shared his spiritual skills that have helped him overcome all sorts of problems - including his pinched motor.He explained: “A few months later I got a call from the police to say my car had been found and was in a pound in Birmingham.“When I went to the pound, I saw a row of battered and bashed cars, and at the end, gleaming, clean and in perfect condition, was mine.“So I got my car back in better condition than I’d left it in.“When we practise avoiding blame and sending forgiveness, we eventually get to the point where it’s almost a habit.“The minute we feel anxious or insecure, whoomph – we just go into that place of calm.”“I jumped out and nipped in to pick up an item, and.

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