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Christopher Meloni Wishes Mariska Hargitay Happy Birthday on Instagram

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a happy birthday in this goofy video posted to Instagram—because he doesn’t actually use the words happy birthday. He did write in the caption, “Celebrate it Marsha,” which is really more of a command than a wish.

In the video, which was filmed from two inches away from his eyeballs, Meloni stage-whispers, “Marsha! Are you there?” (True fans know that “Marsha” is Meloni’s nickname for Hargitay, and one half of why the duo’s shippers call themselves “Marshmelons.”) Meloni continues, zooming in on a single eyeball, “Do you know what today is?

I do.” The actor pauses and starts to say, “Happy…” and then the video cuts off. My favorite thing about this clip is how oddball it is.

Only true BFFs send each other this kind of weirdness.And . After starring together on Law & Order: SVU for the better part of two decades, America’s favorite television cops have formed an extremely tight bond. “You know, he, after my husband, he knows me pretty well,” Hargitay said after Meloni presented her with . “So it’s very meaningful, especially after the journey we’ve had these 22 years.

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