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Chris Packham's stepdaughter Megan McCubbin weighs in on vegan debate 'Makes me unwell'

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Chris Packham’s stepdaughter Megan McCubbin has shared her own opinions about the ongoing debate on veganism, farming and helping the environment in an exclusive interview with Springwatch presenter admitted that, while eating meat makes her feel “quite unwell” it was also true that some UK farmers are doing “incredible work”.

Megan, 27, has recently teamed up with Lovat Parks and spoke about the wondrous benefits of “connecting to our wild side” during the lockdown, as she explained how important it was to speak out about the issues affecting our planet.Her stepdad Chris, 61, has been outspoken in his views about climate activism and animal welfare, including on subjects such as veganism.Asked how we might address the ongoing tensions between those championing farming communities and those choosing veganism, Megan stressed communication is key.

She began: “I think really good communication when it comes to farms is so important - and they do such incredible work. “You know, they need to be celebrated and appreciated for what they do because they are - particularly nature-friendly farmers - absolutely excellent.“They have so much knowledge of biodiversity, the land and also how to make food which ultimately we all need on a daily basis.

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