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Chad Lowe Recalls Walking Off a TV Sitcom as a Teen and Being Told He'd Never Work Again

Chad Lowe is opening up about his decision to walk off his NBC Sitcom, , when he was just 15 years old. The actor told The Creative Coalition CEO, Robin Bronk, on the latest episode of  podcast, that he had no idea «how big it was» to walk off a show at the time.«I’m a 14-turning-15-year-old kid, who thinks he’s an adult, in an adult world making money as the face of a show that is moderately billed as a success.

It was way, way too much, too quick for me. I can say that now in hindsight at 52, I can say that’s what was happening,» Lowe admitted. «At the time, I was not aware of it.

You know, my mother, who was kind of laissez-faire about my ventures as an actor, she said, ‘Well, if you’re not happy then don’t do it anymore.’ And so I.

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