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Carer who fleeced pensioner out of thousands ordered to sell car to pay back what she stole

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A carer who fleeced a pensioner out of thousands of pounds has been ordered to sell her car to pay back what she stole. Alison Hunter, 47, took the money out of the 95-year-old's account whilst working at a care home.

Derby Crown Court heard at a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing that the 47-year-old only has the vehicle to her name. Derbyshire Live reports that the car has an estimated value of £1,600 at the most.As that is her only asset, the Hunter must now put it on the market and has three months to find a buyer or she could face further punishment.

Judge Shaun Smith KC found that the "benefit figure" - how much Hunter made from her illegal activity - was £8,840. The prosecution say her car is worth £1,600 but the defence estimates it to be £600.

The fraudster was sentenced at a hearing in October 2022.The same court was told how heartless Hunter used the victim's bank account to spend online without his knowledge.

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