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Car expert shares little-known gear trick that may help drivers slash fuel costs

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Motorists everywhere are looking to save on rising fuel costs and one expert has shared a little known gear tip that can help save money on petrol and diesel.

According Mark Akbar, Managing Director at CarStore, driving at the highest gear possible, within legal speed limits, making cars more fuel efficient.Knowing when to change gears is crucial to help you pass your driving test, reports the Express.

However, Mr Akbar highlights that knowing how to use "your gears efficiently" isn't part of the curriculum. By skipping this step, he says drivers are wasting precious fuel on the road.

The expert is asking drivers to monitor how they use their gears, as this could save money. “It's not part of the driving test to learn how to use your gears efficiently, you simply have to be able to use them to get the car to move at various speeds," he said. “However, to make the most out of every drop of fuel and maintain maximum efficiency, it's vital that you're always using the right gear at the right time."Motorists are also being advised to take it easy on the accelerator, as this will reduce excessive speeding, which can guzzle gas.

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