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Canneseries Winner ‘The Allegation’ – Trial by Social Media & The Attraction of Half Hour Drama

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Liza Foreman German series “The Allegation” (“Glauben”), directed by Daniel Geronimo Prochaska and written by best-selling author Ferdinand von Schirach, won the Dior Grand Prize and best screenplay at Wednesday night’s Canneseries prize awards ceremony.The controversial story revolves around the real-life German Worms Trials from the 1990s with the series modernizing the context.In the small town of Ottern, a pediatrician discovers seemingly incontrovertible evidence that a small girl has been continuously sexually abused.

An email by his assistant to a friend sparks a social media furore against the child’s parents, with 25 people in Worms ending up being accused of belonging to a local child pornography ring.

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