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Brits quaking over sausage sarnies as world is gripped by ketchup shortage

ketchup.Tomato sauce giant Heinz is stepping up production by 25% in the US after restaurants ran out.Chris Fuselier, owner of the Blake Street Tavern in Denver, Colorado, said: “My chef came up to me one day and said: ‘We’ve got a problem – I hate to tell you this but we’re out of Heinz’.“If you’d have asked me 18 months ago would I have concerns about ketchup shortages I would have said: ‘Are you crazy?’ We’ve been hunting high and low.”That has sparked fears the traditional British breakfast could be hit too.One Leeds café boss said: “I can see what’s coming.

We can’t have people sharing bottles any more so I’ve been getting sachets everywhere I can.’’The crisis was caused by Covid-19, which has changed the way diners consume their.

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