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British zoo celebrates birth of adorable endangered pygmy hippo calf

A pygmy hippo calf, which was born at a British zoo, is said to be growing stronger and more confident every day, The endangered pygmy was born on Saturday, April 17 at Edinburgh Zoo, to proud parents Gloria and Otto weighing in at 11lbs and 14 oz.

The tot, who is yet to be named, has already gained weight and is now 1st and 4lbs. Jonny Appleyard, Edinburgh Zoo’s hoofstock team leader said: “Our new arrival is doing really well and is growing stronger and more confident every day. “As she is still so young, we are limiting opening hours and numbers in our indoor viewing area to give the calf and mum Gloria some time to get used to visitors. “The first 30 days are critical for her development, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on them both at

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