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'Britain's roughest estate' where balaclava-clad 10-year-olds rip live pigeons apart

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Britain's roughest estates" have demanded action as kids as young as 10 terrorise the area.Balaclava-clad yobs in Blakenall, West Midlands, have been physically and racially attacking those who live and work in the area, performed arson attacks, and have even been known to rip live pigeons apart.The youths have been spotted on multiple occasions wielding knives in the streets of the area. READ NEXT: 'Rattled' Putin's nuclear war-mongering is 'blunt admission of failure' The estate has deteriorated over the past two years and has been compared to "war-torn Ukraine", and locals are even too scared to leave their homes during daylight hours.

Some residents even fear it's only a matter of time before lives are lost.But fed-up business owners and residents have had enough and are now demanding something be done after a string of incidents including fly-tipping, thefts and assault left them in despair.One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "It had got to the point where we are scared to leave our homes even in the daytime."The place has just rapidly declined into almost a state of lawlessness since the pandemic."Before then we did have issues but not to the scale we are seeing now.

It's like a war-zone out there at times."The kids are running riot and they find it funny when police arrive. People are saying it's the roughest estate in Britain and I'm not sure I could argue with that.Are you a resident in Blakenall?

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