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BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst's secret struggle amid 'very anxious few months' for family

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 BBC Breakfast star Nina Warhurst, 42, has admitted it’s been a “very anxious few months” for her family in a new Instagram post.

Last week, the presenter described how she had “finally come up for air” following what sounded like a very stressful time.In the honest admission that she shared last Wednesday, Nina gave fans an insight into her personal life.

In view of her 15,100 followers, the star posted a pic of herself wearing a charcoal facemask, which she captioned: "It's been a very anxious few months for me and my family. “We are finally coming up for air and last night I had a chance to take stock,” she continued.“I looked around my bedroom.

I was wearing a beauty mask, given to me by a colleague who had seen my skin is suffering.“There is the box of Maltesers, posted by a friend after I said I feel too guilty to send myself treats.“There are the microwaveable slippers (you read it right) sent by friends after I complained my feet are always cold.“The are the candles, the bath salts, the pound shop toe heaters, the home made card, the massage voucher, the novel selected to be just the right level of page turn-y, and a phone full of messages ‘just checking in.’“There are so many friends and relatives who gently leaned in to love us over the last few months,” she added warmly. “Thank you thank you thank you.

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