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Bakery is challenging people to see if they can eat colossal 1kg doughnut

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bakery is now challenging people to do just that in a new food challenge.The 'world famous' Kenilworth Country Bakery in Queensland, Australia, has a 1kg doughnut that they are seeing if anyone can finish.And those who do will get their money back and also get their name on their Wall of Fame.Luckily, here are plenty of flavours to choose from and they are all just as yummy as the next to help it go down.This includes a chocolate and strawberry ring doughnut, as well as a 'Beesting', Jam & Cream, Custard & Cream, and a Nutella & Cream sweet roll.Prices for the colossal doughnut range from $20 (£11) to $25 (£14) - but obviously you'd get that back if you demolish it.To take part, you have to order the doughnut on the bakery's website, pick.

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