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Airshow income will help protect staff, South Ayrshire Council leader claims

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South Ayrshire Council leader Martin Dowey has told critics that the authority needs to generate money or face the consequences down the line.He added that increasing income is the only way to protect council staff.One of the main hopes for bring in money is September’s airshow.

Neither the SNP or Labour budgets included the event.Cllr Dowey said that the show would have been cancelled had one been approved.He said: “This is not about politics, it is about common sense.

You cannot keep salami slicing services and expect a service. As a council we need to get income.“We need to generate money.

We can’t just live off council tax.“If you look at South Ayrshire’s budget there is about £90m that isn’t ring fenced. We are making £10m in savings a year.

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