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'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Daniele Is Shocked by Yohan's Abortion Revelation

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. Daniele, who has been trying to have a baby with Yohan, was shocked when he revealed that he got a woman pregnant before, who then got an abortion.Daniele is planning to move to the Dominican Republic from New York to be with Yohan after meeting him during a vacation, though Yohan actually wants to move to the United States with Daniele to make a better life for himself and his family but she has since shut that idea down.

On Sunday's episode, Daniele and Yohan meet up with her friend, Sophy, who asked the couple blunt questions given that she had suspicions about Yohan's intentions.Sophy asked Yohan if his parents were asking for grandchildren and Yohan said they were.

She then noted that while he's 32, Daniele is 42, so getting pregnant was more complicated for her. Indeed, Yohan and Daniele have been trying to get pregnant for a year but haven't been successful.

They visited a fertility specialist, who said the chances of her getting pregnant naturally was five percent, though Yohan didn't believe the odds were that low.

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